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UNICAN v1.13 – Ford Transit Immobilizer Emulator

The new update 1.13 of the UNICAN emulator has once again proven its excellence and versatility thanks to a sophisticated algorithm that makes it an exceptional emulator. This time we used it in the DCU104 control unit with the immobiliser system found in Ford Transit diesel vehicles.

Ford Transit DCU104 Imobilizér Emulátor - riadiaca jednotka

To ensure the UNICAN emulator works properly, you need to know the sychronisation bytes (I can help you) of the control unit, set the CAN-BUS communication speed and the program number. In this case, the CAN-BUS speed is 500kbps (you set the value 50 in byte 0x01) and the program number is 5 (you set the value 05 in byte 0x02).

Ford Transit DCU101 / DCU101 / DCU10x - setup UNICAN emmulator

Most e-shops specialized in immobilizer emulators do not offer a solution for FORD DCU101 or DCU104. This is why the UNICAN emulator is so special.

Ford Transit DCU101 / DCU101 / DCU10x - ecu with immo emulator

It works without conflicts on CAN-BUS and various error messages, no wires need to be broken

The emulator from the experienced developer ECUSERWIS is exceptional, it correctly emulates a damaged immobilizer, thanks to a sophisticated algorithm. You can seamlessly do an engine control unit update without disabling the immobilizer emulation. With our emulator, you do not overwrite any data in the engine control unit (you avoid problems of engine speed fluctuations, loss of power, …). The immobilizer emulation remains fully functional.

Ford Transit DCU101 / DCU101 / DCU10x - connection immo emmulator

Algorithm accuracy characterizes all Ecuserwis emulators, from basic to specific, which you can rely on.

You can purchase the emulator from our e-shop. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the benefits of this exceptional product.