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VAG IMMO Calculator software release v1.0.5.023


  • MQB IMMO: Config parsing
  • EMUL: Some bugfix
  • Simos 1X.X: Some improvements


  • DELPHI DCM: Support for DCM 3.7 – can extract information from the control unit file and can even transfer immo data from one unit to another. This means you can adapt an engine control unit from another vehicle. In addition, you are also able to change the POWER CLASS and import immo data from other control units such as the BCM.
Module DCM 3.7 DCM6.2V for VAG
  • MED9 No crypt: Added editing Immo status
  • MED9 Crypt: Added editing Immo status
  • MM 7GV : Added support for more ECU types

Latest available version: v1.0.5.023