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VAG 1.2TDi Delphi DCM3.7 immobilizer emulator – versatility of the UNICAN

The UNICAN emulator has once again demonstrated its versatility with its refined algorithm that makes it an exceptional emulator. This time, we used it in the Delphi DCM3.7 control unit with the WFS4 immobilizer system found in VAG vehicles with a 1.2 TDi engine.

To ensure the proper functionality of the UNICAN emulator, it’s necessary to know the CS and MAC data of the control unit or use the VAG IMMO Calculator BASE software with the DCM3.7/DCM6.2V WFS4/WFS5 module.

Most e-shops specializing in immobilizer emulators do not offer a solution for the VAG DCM3.7. However, the UNICAN emulator is exceptional as it emulates a faulty immobilizer correctly, thanks to its unique algorithm.

You can purchase the emulator from our e-shop. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the benefits of this exceptional product.

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